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Johor Contingent Police Headquarters (IPK Johor)


Johor Contingent Police Headquarters (Ibu Pejabat Kontinjen Johor, IPK Johor) is a part of the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) structure in Malaysia. IPK Johor is directs and controls by state Chief Police Officer (CPO) through the command and directives of the IGP.

IPK Johor


Contact Information

Ibu Pejabat Kontinjen Johor
Jalan Tebrau
80990 Johor Bahru

Telephone : +607 - 225 4422
Facsimile : +607 - 224 0115

Email :


CPO is assisted in his duties by the deputy CPO and his staff and subordinate personnel in charge of the various departments.

IPK Johor is divided to 7 main departments, made up by following:

Management Department
Logistic Department
Criminal Investigation Department (CID)
Narcotics Crimes Investigation Department (NCID)
Internal Security and Public Order Department (KDN/KA)
Special Branch (SB)
Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID)

Apart from the 2 departments (Management Department and Logistic Department) involved in the administration and support, other 5 departments are involved in crime fighting and prevention, CID, NCID, KDN/KA, SB and CCID. These departments are headed by Officer in-Charge (OC) with the rank of Superintendent Police or above.

There are 13 police districts under IPK Johor supervision. Every district is headed by a District Police Chief (Ketua Polis Daerah, KPD).


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