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Balai Polis Simpang Renggam

  JKR 1339, Jalan Johor-Air Hitam
86200 Simpang Rengam

Tel : 607 - 7557 222




The Simpang Renggam Police Station in Johor is dedicated to enhance public safety, reducing the fear and the incidence of crime in the area. They maintain regular patrols and respond to calls for service. Much of their time is spent responding to calls, taking reports and doing investigation on the reports. While crime fighting is the responsibility of the authorities, it is not enough for the police alone to fight crime. Members of the public can play an important role in protecting themselves and their local communities.

Reducing the risk and fear of crime is a task for the police and the community working together. To achieve the aim of making peaceful and safe community, If you witness a crime in your area, it is important that you immediately lodge a report at police station nearest to your location. But there are many things each and every community member can do to reduce his or her chances of becoming a victim of crime.

Many of the steps suggested in Crime Prevention Guides are common sense, but they can make a real difference. By securing your home and property, you can save yourself the distress and expense of crime, and make your community a safer and better place to live in. This website provides a convenient facility to find contact numbers of district and local police stations. Made used of it!


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