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Criminal Investigation Department (CID)

Criminal Investigation Department (CID)


Contact Information

Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah
Ibu Pejabat Polis Diraja Malaysia
Bukit Aman
50560 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone : +603 - 2266 2222
Facsimile : +603 - 2070 7500

Email :



Crime Investigation Department, CID (Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah, JSJ) is one of the most critical department in Royal Malaysian Police (RMP). This department deals with the investigation, arrest and prosecution of hard crimes (murder, robbery, rape etc) and petty crimes (theft, house-breaking etc).

CID also specializes in gambling, vice and secret societies (triads). Police in CID are allow to perform their duty in plain clothes and commonly known as 'detectives'. Police detectives observe criminals' actions, develop sources of information and assist in the arrest of criminals. Sometime they work undercover.

The detectives might also find informers in the neighborhood who have information about the suspect. Having gathered enough evidence against the suspect, the detectives can make the arrest with the help of police reinforcements.

CID are led by a director with the rank of Commissioner of Police (CP) and assisted by five deputy directors, the deputy director (Intelligence / Operations), deputy director (Investigation / Law), deputy director (Planning / Strategy), deputy director (Forensic / DNA Databank ) and Chairman NKRA.



  Strategic Planning (D1) Criminals Registration (D2) Inspection (D3) Criminal Intelligence (D4)



The admin and planning is tasked with the routine of administration affairs and planning of the CID.

The Criminals Registration division in CID is tasked with duty that deals with the keeping crime database and records.

Inspection division responsible for inspecting all the crime report and investigation papers that need further information and actions. This division responsible for collecting intelligence for crimes. Its role is to collect criminal intelligence related to both domestic and external.

Prosecution / Law (D5)

Technical Support (D6) Secret Societies, Vice & Gambling (D7) Special Operations (D8)
  It main functions is prosecute offenders committing crimes and provided guideline to investigation officers. This division responsible for provide technical support as requested including trailing suspect, surveillance, observation, etc. It main functions is to tackle crimes involved secret societies, vice & gambling activities. The main functions of this division is act on special assignment ordered.
  Special Investigations (D9) Forensic (D10) Sexual and Child Investigations  (D11)  

D9 in CID is established to combat serious and hard core crimes.

The main functions of this division is dealing with the application of scientific knowledge on crimes scene by establishing lawfully evidence  & facts.

This division is established to combat sexual and child abuse crimes.  
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