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Jabatan Penjara Malaysia


Malaysian Prisons Department is a professional correctional entity in this country. As an institution of detention and rehabilitation, the Malaysia Prisons Department has the machinery and manpower strength of quality and pro-active in implementing the vision, mission and objectives that have been recommended.


To be a world-class koreksional organization by 2020.


We protect the community by providing a secure attachment and effective rehabilitation programs.


To ensure that residents lead up to the period of detention released

Ensure the safety of residents, staff and the public security

Ensure residents are treated based on humanitarian values

Recovery program on the residents carried out effectively


Implementing the detention order by the court or authority of the occupier until the occupants were released.

Provides control over the residents while they serve a sentence or detention and humane treatment.

Implement the recovery program on the residents through various approaches.



Contact Information

Jabatan Penjara Malaysia
Kompleks Penjara Malaysia
43000 Kajang
Tel : 603-8732 8000
Fax: 603-8739 9205

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