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Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia


Civil Defence activities in Malaysia was initiated by the British formed Passive Defence Emergency Regulation Enactment under Chapter 41 to provide measures - measures to mitigate the Second World war. The Civil Defence Ordinance, 1951 was officially enacted as a law - law in Malaya security system. The Malaysia Civil Defence Department is a Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Purposes in accordance with the Civil Defence Act 1951 (Act 221) is divided into two conditions, namely:

Means any measure that does not involve the use of weapons for hostile attack whether the decision was taken before, during or after the time of enemy attack.

Means any measures taken to protect lives and property if steps are taken before, during or after a disaster.

Based on 221 of the Act can be understood that the Civil Defence works in peacetime, wartime and disaster victims by taking any measures to rescue, protect and reduce the loss of lives and damage to civilian property.


Reducing the Risk Due to Injury:

1.Training to the Public
2.Disaster Warning System
3.Protection centers

Respond to the disaster:

1.Establish teams (First responder)
2.Emergency Services


2.Reconstruction of




Be ideal Civil Defence agencies in disaster management.

Ensure public safety and property were safeguarded before, during and after a disaster.


1.Establish, manage and maintain Civil Defence Force.
2.Developing and implementing training programs for Disaster Management and Emergency to the public.
3.Implement disaster and emergency assistance services.
4.Prepare, manage and maintain the Transfer Centers and Disaster Warning System and Security.
5.Plan and perform rescue activities and property before, during and after disasters.

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