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Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM)

Bukit Aman Police HQ

The Royal Malaysian Police (Abbreviation: RMP; Malay: Polis Diraja Malaysia, PDRM;) is a part of the security forces structure in Malaysia.

The force is a centralized organization with responsibilities ranging from traffic control to intelligence gathering. Its headquarters is located at Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur.

The police force is led by an Inspector-General of Police (IGP). The constitution, control, employment, recruitment, fund, discipline, duties and powers of the police force is specified and governed by the Police Act 1967.




A leading enforcement agency of integrity, competent and committed to work with the community.


The Royal Malaysian Police Force is committed to serve and protect the nation and to work in partnership with the community in the maintenance of law and order.

Contact Information

Ibu Pejabat Polis Diraja Malaysia
50560 Bukit Aman
Kuala Lumpur

Tel:  603-2262 6222
Fax: 603-2273 9602

Emergency : 603-2031 9999 / 2266 3333

Rakan Cop SMS: 32728


In carrying out its responsibilities, the regular RMP is also assisted by a support group comprising of Extra Police Constables, Police Volunteer Reserves, Auxiliary Police, Police Cadets and a civilian service element.

The RMP constantly co-operates closely with police forces worldwide, which include those from the four neighbouring countries Malaysia shares border with: Indonesian National Police, Royal Brunei Police Force, Royal Thai Police and Singapore Police Force.

RMP is divided to 8 main departments, made up by Management Department, Criminal Investigation Department, Narcotics Crimes Investigation Department, Logistic Department, Internal Security and Public Order Department (KDN/KA), Special Branch, Commercial Crime Investigation Department and a newly formed department, Special Task Force. These departments are headed by directors with the rank of Police Commissioner.

In general, Management Department is responsible on the management and administration affairs of the RMP. The Criminal Investigation Department undertake the role of criminal investigation, perform arrest and prosecute offenders. The Narcotics Crimes Investigation Department shoulder the task of investigating and prosecuting drug related cases. The Commercial Crime Investigation Department areas covers the investigation, arrest and prosecute white collar criminals while Logistic Department assists the RMP to financial matters, supplies, weaponry and others. The Internal Security and Public Order Department (KDN/KA) act as the force 'operational wing'. The Special Branch's responsibility is to collect information and security intelligence.



  Management Department Logistic Department Special Branch (SB) Special Task Force Criminal Investigation Department (CID)

The Management Department is tasked with the routine of management and administration affairs of the RMP ...more

The Logistic Department RMP is tasked with duty that deals with the procurement, distribution, maintenance, replacement of material and fire arms ...more

SB is responsible for collecting intelligence for national security. Its role is to collect security intelligence related to both domestic and external threats and intercept subversive activities ...more This department is responsible to taken new approach to enhance skills and a sound strategy to combat and prevent terrorism, organized crime, syndicated crime and money laundering ...more This department deals with the investigation, arrest and prosecution of hard crimes (murder, robbery, rape etc) and petty crimes (theft, house-breaking etc) ...more

Commercial Crime Investigation (CCID)

Narcotics Crimes Investigation (NCID) Internal Security & Public Order (KDN/KA) State Contingent Headquarters  

It main functions is to investigate, arrest, and prosecute offenders committing white collar crimes such as fraud, breach of trust, cyber-crimes, forgery, etc ...more

NCID established to combat narcotics trafficking and drug abuse problems in Malaysia ...more

This department is tasked with the maintenance of public security and order. It is responsible for traffic control and search & rescue (SAR) operations ...more RMP Contingent HQ at states level, commonly known as IPK ...more  
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